Who we are

We are a non- denominational family on campus at the University of Zimbabwe. Our membership incorporates brethren from all fellowships; Pentecostals, Protestants, Catholics and Evangelicals. We are guided by one principle of making known the real person of Christ; this is a platform to raise generals in the knowledge of Christ and ministers of the gospel wherever each student will happen to go after graduating and even whilst still being a full time

Vision Statement

Unleashing Divine Destinies, Serving God for the Manifestation of His Kingdom

Condition of membership

The members of and in UZCU are persons who have given their lives to Jesus

Christ as their Lord and Saviour, believe in the Holy Trinity and believe in the truth of the Holy Scriptures to be the basis of our teaching. The UZCU membership is not based on any denominational fellowship, it automatically follows that any who believes in the beliefs aforementioned supra qualifies to be a member

Activities and events of the group

We proclaim boldly, “the Lord is so good to us”. This is a true statement which we can testify without fear. Year in year out the church is on the go with the word in any possible holy manner, today its outreach tomorrow it’s a Charity tour and another day its Annual Trip...... Ooh yeah, the last slot from the least represents the peak of our season, our vision, a time to celebrate God for all of our achievements throughout the year. The list of our activities tends to be endless, but it will almost represent nothing if we happen not to mention about the first years welcome.


  1. To preach the word of God and win souls for the Kingdom of God around the institution,
    To advance the faith by any lawful and legitimate means according to the Holy
  2. To impact our generation with knowledge, wisdom, power and values of the
    To welcome and prepare people as members, lay down rules for them and equip them for various ministries, gifting and callings,
    To maintain and promote good order in UZCU of which the fellowship will have a constitution containing the foundation of the fellowship government as well as regulations,
    To set up various committees and or associations, in line with the vision and goals of the fellowship,
    In the interest of the fellowship and in fulfilling its mandate, UZCU may and has the power to:
    • Enter or conclude any transactions sign and endorse any such dealings, deeds, documents and instruments and make or execute all such contracts, agreements, and other proceedings that are deemed necessary to effect the running of the fellowship,

    • Purchase and sell, acquire and dispose, lease and or hire properties, both movables or immovable,

    • Receive, borrow, spend, lend and to invest monies all in its possession, and to open and close bank and other accounts with any registered local financial institution,

    • Institute, conduct, defend and/or abandon any law-suit or action proceedings instituted by law against or for the fellowship in any court of law or tribunal.