Serving God

It has been noted and now tried and tested that real CU business; our game is actually played at ministry level. This is accomplished through sub-committee leadership who will be responsible for sailing the voyage. These are devoted to the work of ministry and their success is mostly attributed to their more personal touch with members. Ministries in CU are at their best operated more as Cell Groups.

Praise & Worship

The role of the Praise and Worship ministry is to usher God’s church into His Presence through song. The group is made up by more than just singers, but ministers of God thus it draws its strength from fellowship with God. Meetings are held weekly and before services.


The main function of the choir ministry is to usher people into the presence of God in praise and worship through spirit led song, dance and hymns. The Choir ministry is responsible for organising concerts that help people experience God in new and fresh ways. There is also equipping of saints to lead songs and vocal training.

Instruments & Multimedia

The Instruments and Multimedia ministry is responsible for the UZCU instruments and multimedia instruments: This includes setting up of instruments and the sound mixing during UZCU functions, as well as well as the instrument’s daily upkeep and maintenance. Multimedia: UZCU Multimedia ensures consistent recording of UZCU services and functions and the ultimate production of CDs and DVDs. In this regard, Multimedia works together with the Information & Publicity to make available UZCU sermons as soon as possible, which is usually soon after services.


The Band ministry is not a technical ministry as it may sounds, instead the Band ministry trains up individuals how to play various instruments so as to play during praise & worship to usher people into God’s presence through the playing of instruments. The Band ministry works hand in hand with the Instruments & Multimedia ministry in taking care of the instruments. The Band ministry also organises concerts and worship nights all in the name and glory of our Lord and King. The Band ministry offers its members the opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments in the house of God.

Soul Winning

The UZCU Soul Winning ministry has a mandate to win souls on campus for Jesus Christ. The ministry preaches the gospel to the lost, the back-sliden and those who are not certain of where they stand in Christ. The Soul winning ministry uses various platforms which included hostels, lecture rooms, “magreens” etc. through one on one witnessing and crusades that are held at the beginning of every semester.

Ushering and Hospitality

The Ushering and Hospitality ministry’s main theme is to glorify God by extending assistance to fellow brethren and guests in the most friendly and loving manner and to create a conducive environment for doing the work of God by decorating his house. Members of this ministry are warm and friendly and dedicated to the work of God. They are people who love what they do and strive to be good at it.

Information and Publicity

Information and Publicity ministry is responsible for the compilation and dissemination of UZCU information in various forms that include print and electronic media. The ministry responsible for designing and making of posters, fliers and various media of information. The Information & Publicity ministry together with Multimedia are responsible for publication and selling of DVDs and CDs of sermons and events recorded in Christian Union as well as uploading them on social media like Facebook and YouTube.

Projects & Development

Projects & Development ministry is a pivotal ministry in UZCU whose main function is fundraising for the progress of the work of God. The ministry is involved in innovation of specific projects which have a sole thrust of profit making. The profits are channelled towards the work of God. The ministry also works on the development of all UZCU members in terms of their financial literacy and entrepreneurial development.

Charity and Compassion

Charity and Compassion is a ministry whose sole purpose is to spread the everlasting love of God in words and action. The ministry has functions which include taking care of the less privileged and financially and physically challenged within and outside the campus. The ministry embarks on numerous visits to namely old people’s homes, prisons, orphanages and has plans to broaden its influence to other centres like leper homes. The ministry is a good platform for all those who are called to love and those who want to see and spread the depths of the love of God for everyone. Every semester the ministry visits Vimbainesu, A Children’s Home that was adopted by UZCU.


The Outreach ministry is responsible for preaching Christ to lost souls, mostly out of campus. It is a vibrant group that is also concerned about the spiritual growth of its members through prayer. In outreaching, the ministry covers a wide ground, the lost souls are made sure they receive Christ, the sick are healed and to the oppressed chains are broken. It reaches even outside Zimbabwe and has been to Zambia, Botswana and Malawi.