Purpose by Dr Nigel Chanakira

-Apart from being a business person, I am also a motivational speaker!
-I firmly believe true success comes from God.
-I am from Celebration Church Borrowdale.
-I strongly believe my success is hinged on the Word of God, so everything I am going to say I will be referring to the Bible.
-Gen 37-40  It talks of Joseph (a man of purpose)
-Purpose is the reason for which something exists.
-How many know their purpose?
-It seems even at tertiary setup most of you do not know yr purposes, no wonder you called me!
-Now, if you want to know how a garget works or its purpose you read the manual
-A human beings manual is the Bible.
-It is God who knows yr purpose, so if you want to truly know yr purpose you need to ask God like I did!
– (1 Corinthians 1:30)   says fellowship wt wisdom to know yr purpose.
– If you find God you will find yr purpose.
-Now, when I was young I used to like fancy cars such that when I grow up my goal was to own a fortune.
-I fall in love wt monetary issues more than anything else.
-In fact, yr purpose is into things you enjoy doing most. Things you can do the whole day without looking at the clock. Things you do wt a passion.
-One person is confined to one purpose. Something you do & everyone notice is you, that is yr purpose.
-So, in a nutshell yr purpose is what you do best! It doesnt matter what is it!
-Now, knowing yr purpose is the first step to a long journey.
-Luke 19:11-17  God gave to each equal talents, either you use or lose them!
-When you know yr purpose, you need to work tirelessly towards it. You need to have less hours of sleeping if you are to be successful in life. Chase yr purpose wt great passion like I did!
-Be a creative person. Genesis 1  shows us how creativity is our God and we are gods too, so we ought to be creative! Learn from others but dont be like them. Eat the meat & throw away the bone! You are unique!
-Be a person who mks something out of nothing like I did!
-Who has ever imagined that a simple boy from Highfields will be once the 2nd richest man in Zimbabwe!
-it is only achievable if you know yr purpose & work tirelessly harder towards it!
-Christians have an unfair advantage when it comes to success.
-For success strongly depends on how much the Word of God you know & put into use!
-Favour will locate you in line wt yr purpose.
-You need the favour of God to be successful as I am & my brother Strive Masiwa of Econet (# 1 Christ Embassy Church partner).
-As a Christian you should understand you were born excellent & mediocre is an insult to God. For mediocre means best of the worst, worst of the best!
-You should excel in everything you do, for you are a god.
-Dream big for you can only go as far you have been exposed, seen, admired, read, or dreamt.
-Favour will always locate you if you are a child of God & mk you someone out of no one.
-Say to yr neighbor look at me now carefully for the next time you would want to see me you have to go through a lot of people!
-Finally say:

Thank you!

Those were mouthwatering words from a great business tycoon!