Manifestation of the kingdom in your life ()

Pastor Nyanga, September 30, 2016
Part of the Kingdom of God series, preached at a Friday Service service

Readings: Matthew 3vs 2
Manifestation of the kingdom in your life
-if at least one person can hear the word and repent i will be a happy(preacher)
-it’s a kingdom of power
-it’s about transformation of lives Romans 14:17
righteousness, peace, happiness and joy in the holy spirit
-living a righteousness, peace,
Mark 9:9
-the kingdom is experienced on earth (thy kingdom come)
-Luke 17:20-21
-the kingdom of God is within you
-it does not force itself into people, you have to seek the kingdom of God and righteousness
-Jesus says can I come and you confirm
1 Peter 1:9
-No one is going to unleash the divine destinies in you expect you yourself.
-You have to plan for it, should not happen by accident
1. You must know the Lord Jesus as your personal savior Daniel 11:32
-Without God you cannot make it
-Relationship with God, family, carrier:
2. Knowing the word of God
Deuteronomy 8
Psalm 119;109
Psalm 39:34
3. Have knowledge of what’s happening in the world, read what matter your carrier
-you should be guided by wats happening a pray
4. Proverbs 29;18 be a man with VISION on the three pillars that matter, God, family, carrier,
5. Wait upon the Lord
6. Courage, being afraid but going ahead to achieve something.
7. Perseverance.
8. Integrity
your road should be marked by integrity
9. Discipline
be disciplined, have diligence
doing what you know or right even if you not feeling like doing it.
10. Be positive about yourself
have self confidence
11. Passion
12. Talent.

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