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The University of Zimbabwe prepares students for life on the larger plane of life. It is a microcosm of a macro-cosmic world that is perishing in the lack of knowledge of God. In essence what people do as students reflects what they will do as adults if they continue on the same trajectory.

It does not take a special lens or gigantic spiritual spectacles to discern that this generation needs an intervention that is divine and Godly. There needs to be an interruption of journey reminiscent of that which happened to the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts Chapter 8.

If the nature of men and women that will lead Zimbabwe is to improve then plenty has to be done to change the status quo. There is need for a reminder of God’s true plan for humanity. To alert students that being a young person calls for responsibility, innovation, investment, prayer and intuition and to demystify the devil. The dinner is therefore more than just a good idea. It is a great ingredient in redeeming the times in this evil age.


  • To empower students with the knowledge of the resurrected Christ, his miracle birth to a virgin, sinless life of victory, death on the cross and astonishing resurrection
  • To give Jesus Christ the praise that is due to him and to proclaim the Lordship of
  • Jesus Christ, the one mediator between God and Men
  • To give students an opportunity to learn from established and successful couples and church leaders to give them a rare and jewel relationship mentorship opportunity



The theme is the area of the leadership as they are led by the Spirit of the Most High God. Provisionally a theme has been included to make this concept paper well sounding and it is derived from the book of Genesis 2 verse 24.Therefore man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. From both an exegetical and surface understanding of the scripture it is apparent that dating, courtship and ultimately marriage was designed by God, and there should be ways in which that journey should be undertaken . If only this conference would afford us the opportunity to learn the secrets of being young people after God’s purpose. Then perhaps we can destroy the promiscuity in our generation and avoid or recover from mistakes with regards to the area of sensual relationships.


Our desire is to engage, but not limited to the following:

  • Dr Chirisa
  • Sandiso Mukwanazi
  • Dorris Mukwanazi


We have proposed to host this conference on Saturday 14 October 2017.


Given the space in the main chapel, we are proposing to host this conference at the University Of Students Union building. It has an estimated capacity of 400 people.


This conference shall be specifically for Students from the University of Zimbabwe. However, the event will also open to Christian Union Members from other institutions such as H.I.T and C.U.T, associates and former members of Christian Union.

Admission will be $3 for all students and $5 for VIPs.

Delegates who wish to attend must REGISTER through for logistical issues and also for conference attendance tags.


We will create a website for conference registration, which will electronically capture details of delegates who will attend the event. A Conference Registration and Database Management team of students will be set up. After the conference, complementary emails shall be sent to all delegates to thank them for participating in making our vision a success.


We hope and that the dinner day will be successful. It’s the first of its kind and we invite everyone to contribute towards this event. We also hope that all those who will attend will benefit from the event especially by learning from our guests’ testimonies.

Download Concept Paper